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Industry projects

FGT are running several projects aimed at strengthening and developing Tasmania's fruit industry and export capability.

Tasmanian Horticultural Export Hub

FGT are working with government and industry stakeholders to promote development of Tasmania's horticultural exports. Supported by the Tasmanian Department of State Growth and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the horticultural export hub seeks to support aspiring and existing fruit, nut and vegetable producers to explore export opportunities, develop export trade connections and make their business ‘export-ready’.

Fruit Industry Biosecurity

FGT are working with government and industry stakeholders to strengthen the biosecurity of Tasmania's fruit industry and berry industries. The project will feature development of biosecurity information resources, engagement activities, and training workshops.

Grower feedback

FGT is seeking grower feedback about the proposed materials and activities. If you think we have missed something useful to your business, let us know at or by calling us on (03) 6169 2059.