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Seasonal Worker Transport pilot - Resources

Resources for businesses

The following resources are available to help employers and employees access the worker transport pilot. 

How does my business sign up and use to the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot Program?

There are 4 easy steps that a business must complete to use the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot Program. 

Step 1.

To get started, you can register your business details using the New business registration form

When completing the form, it is best to include persons who manage recruiting, inductions, worker start/finish times for your business as the nominated contact people. This could be yourself, a person within your business, or a labour hire provider or other person.

Step 2.

Once you have completed the registration form, you and/or your nominate contact persons can request a quote for travel services for your particular travel route by requesting a quote for travel services

This service will operate to your specifications and will pick up your employees, possibly form various locations en route, before delivering them to your orchard, berry patch or packing shed. The starting location, destination, dates and start and finish times for this service is determined by you; please note that worker pickup and drop-off points can be added to the travel route as and when required.

Once we receive your request, we’ll email you a quote for based on the information you provided. This will include price options for buses of various capacities. If you would like to proceed with one of the options in the quote, please email me with the details of the worker/business cost sharing arrangements you would like to put in place. 

Please note, while the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot Program is partially funded by the Tasmanian Government to support growers and members of the Tasmanian community, it is a requirement that both the employing business and the employee contribute toward the cost of their transport service. The minimum value of this contribution by the employing business is to be no less than the contribution provided by the sponsored employee. At the employer's sole discretion, an employer may elect to increase their contribution rate to further reduce contribution costs incurred by employees.

Step 3.

We will ask you to nominate which employees you want to support through the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot Program.

You can nominate employees by completing the employee sponsorship agreement form.

Once nominated, your employees will receive an email automatically asking them to complete the employee participant signup form. This email will contain a link to a form which captures basic information including your employees location, contact information, and on which days they will require the transport service.

Step 4. 

Once the previous steps have been completed, you can book the transport services for the coming week. This is done by completing the weekly transport details form each week. This form lets us know ahead of time the expected work days, arrival times and departure times for each service. If you need to change the plans for any reason with regards to work days, start & finish times (e.g. due to heat, rain, COVID-19 detection, etc.), just let us know and we can alter the arrangements.

If you need to change the plans for any reason with regards to workdays, start and finish times, etc., let us know and we can adjust the arrangements to suit your new needs .

Aksel, our Program Coordinator can be contacted via email at or by phone on (+61) 498 528 806. 

Once we have the dates and times, we will reach out daily to the employees registered for the service, pickup locations, start times and return times. This will be done by SMS, and the employee just lets us know 'YES' if they intend to be on the bus, or 'NO' if they do not.

End of season.

Once you know when your season is likely to finish up at a particular orchard, berry patch or packing shed, let us know and we will organise the service finish on the appropriate day.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Seasonal Worker Transport Program

The aim of the following information is to help you decide if the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot is right for your business.

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